MGTV(東盟衛視), which is based in Thailand and has been approved and registered by the Thai Government, is the first and only one Chinese language media institution that aims to service ASEAN in Southeast Asia.


    With the support from Thai Prime Minister's Office, the Foreign-affairs Committee of the Thai Parliament, the Chinese Embassy in Thailand and the embassies of the ten ASEAN countries, MGTV has been developing from its opening up to now.  At the same time, In China, it also won the support and recognition of the "Overseas Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio & TV ", "Department of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce", "CCTV" and the "Department of Consular Affairs of the Foreign Ministry”.


    MGTV Broadcasting Languages: mainly Chinese with English complementary; Plans to open a multilingual professional channel in succession in the future.


    The Main Audience of MGTV: the overseas Chinese, ethnic Chinese and Chinese businessmen in Southeast Asia as well as the high-end crowd who pay close attention to the economic development of ASEAN and the world.


    Purposes of MGTV: Adhere to spread China's image and carry forward the Chinese culture as the purposes, Committed to promoting China's economic, tourism and cultural exchanges with ASEAN countries, take it as its own duty to promote the construction of ASEAN integration, and strive to build a media platform to promote information exchange between ASEAN, China and countries around the world.


    The elite team of MGTV: has a professional journalistic team and has set up reporter stations respectively in the ten ASEAN countries.  It carries out the deep cooperation with the local Chinese language media and other mainstream media, expanding the radiating surface of the channel and further enhancing our influence.  MGTV penetrates deeply into the Great ASEAN, transferring the latest information, interpreting first-hand news, decoding and undoing the truth of various kinds of economic policy and excavating the business opportunities behind the integration of ASEAN for ASEAN countries.


    Cooperative partners of MGTV: by joining Overseas Chinese Media Union, MGTV expands deep cooperations with over 40 overseas Chinese media companies, such as Astro TV - the largest private TV station in Malaysia,  Singapore’s MediaCorpPte Ltd, Australia Rainbow TV, Thailand Sing Sian YerPao Daily News, etc.  At the same time, MGTV establishes long-term cooperative relationship with many provincial level TV stations in China, such as China Central Television (CCTV), Guangdong Radio & Television (GRT), Guangxi TV station, Fujian Strait TV, Yunnan TV station, Xinhua News Agency, China News Service (CNS), International Daily News, and etc.


    The Audience Rating of MGTV Covers: through transmit via Thaicom5, the signal of MGTV covers the whole ASEAN and radiates in dozens of countries and regions in Asia, North America and Europe. As our signal can cover almost the whole Eastern Hemisphere, we have an increasing number of audiences. At present, our channel has joined Thailand Cable Television Association and entered into the TV channel broadcast sequence of the largest Thailand cable operator PSI that allows over 20 million Thailand TV users to be able to watch MGTV programs through Thailand cable television network and PSI. In addition, MGTV is carrying out the related work of joining the cable television transmission sequence of the other nine ASEAN countries, and expects to increase 10 million MGTV audiences in ASEAN by the end of 2014. Besides, to adapt the new media development trend and strengthen new media construction by constantly promoting the connection between TV and internet, MGTV has created official website and extended the coverage of information transmission by using network platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, microblog, WeChat, and etc. 


    The Positioning of the MGTV Programs: mainly the ASEAN and global economic and political news, economic and trade cooperation, cultural tourism, and etc.  MGTV broadcasts ceaselessly 24 hours and keeps 10 hours premiere broadcasting a day, reporting the latest information about ASEAN, China and the world, including travel service information and cultural entertainment trend.  To provide varied, opening and international programs for the audience in ASEAN countries, China and the world, MGTV provides indie programs such as News Express, ASEAN Exploring, ASEAN View, Travel @ ASEAN, Taste Love Travel, Thai Gossip, Celebrity Interviews, etc; and also the programs popular with the audience, such as Golden Theatre, Movie Time, Music Tornado, and etc.


  • 12-1800:00ASEAN View
  • 12-1800:20Thai Gossip
  • 12-1800:50Documentary
  • 12-1801:45Classic Theater
  • 12-1802:35Classic Theater
  • 12-1803:25Movie Time
  • 12-1804:20ASEAN View
  • 12-1804:40Happiness
  • 12-1805:10Chinese Idioms
  • 12-1805:15On the Way
  • 12-1806:00Documentary
  • 12-1806:55healthy
  • 12-1807:00Morning News
  • 12-1807:30ASEAN View
  • 12-1807:55Chinese Idioms
  • 12-1808:00Thai National Anthem
  • 12-1808:01Thai Gossip
  • 12-1808:30Short Play
  • 12-1808:55Our Chinese Heart
  • 12-1809:45Chinese Idioms
  • 12-1809:50Our Chinese Heart
  • 12-1810:35Documentary
  • 12-1811:30Happiness
  • 12-1812:00ASEAN View
  • 12-1812:25Chinese Idioms
  • 12-1812:30Movie Time
  • 12-1813:25Documentary
  • 12-1814:25Thai Gossip
  • 12-1814:55On the Way
  • 12-1815:30Short Play
  • 12-1815:55China Delicacies
  • 12-1816:20Classic Theater
  • 12-1817:10Chinese Idioms
  • 12-1817:15Classic Theater
  • 12-1818:00Thai National Anthem
  • 12-1818:01Documentary
  • 12-1818:55Healthy
  • 12-1819:00ASEAN View
  • 12-1819:20Talk Show
  • 12-1819:50Golden Theater
  • 12-1820:40Golden Theater
  • 12-1821:30On the Way
  • 12-1822:15Documentary
  • 12-1823:10Movie Time
  • MGTV(東盟衛視), which is based in Thailand and has been approved and registered by the Thai Government, is the first and only one Chinese language media institution that aims to service ASEAN in Southeast Asia.MGTV: Adhere to spread China's image and ca Detail>>