MGTV will Cooperate with Chinese Financial Enterprises



   As the political situation of Thailand tends to be stable, MGTV has earlier passed the strict qualification examination and gained a revival after the channel had a short break in the period of military coup. At present, MGTV has officially entered into the TV channel broadcast sequence of the largest Thailand cable operator PSI, which increases 17 million viewers for MGTV and brings a great breakthrough to the channel audience rating.


    To seize such opportunity, MGTV has recently increased the intensity of resource integration and speeded up the pace of strategy construction. On 5th August, MGTV Director Mr. He Jiang met the main persons of the Thailand branch of ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) as well as communicating with the vice-chairman of ATPA (ASEAN Trade Promotion Association).


    During the meeting with the Thailand branch of ICBC, Mr. He Jiang detailed introduced MGTV Development Plan to the Thailand ICBC Assistant President Mr. Huang Gan and Pubilc Relations Manager Ms. Patsamon Sanghiran by elaborating on the cooperation concepts in the field of news reporting, activity planning, co-issue credit card on tourism theme, and etc. Mr. Huang Gan expressed great interest in Mr. He’s cooperation plan and expects to have further cooperation with MGTV to gain a mutual-benefit cooperation mode for both sides.


Mr. He Jiang (second right) have a friendly exchange with Mr. Huang Gan(second left)


    Thereafter, Mr. He Jiang met ATPA Vice-Chairman Mr. Montree Ponpan and Mr. Wu Zhiyi. During the communication between both sides, Mr. He Jiang put forward strategic conceptions with an emphasis on constructing culture exchange platform together by both sides, such as jointly hosting exhibitions and etc. ATPA Vice-Chairman Mr. Wu Zhiyi strongly agreed with Mr. He’s strategic cooperation suggestions and expressed his expectation that both MGTV and ATPA can bring into play their respective advantages by deep collaboration and dramatically help the culture exchanges between China and ASEAN.


Mr. Montree Ponpan (Left)  and Mr. He Jiang (Right) were exchanging gifts


   MGTV Director Assistant Li Ashun, Channel Director Lv Zhiqiang, Vice-Director of Programs and Activities Center Zhang Rui, Business Manager Ni Xuediao and etc. also attended the meetings.


ATPA Vice-Chairman Mr. Montree Ponpan (fourth left),

ATPA Vice-Chairman Mr. Wu Zhiyi (first left), MGTV Director Mr. He Jiang (fifth left),

MGTV Director Assistant Li Ashun (third right), MGTV Channel Director Lv Zhiqiang (third left)


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  • MGTV(東盟衛視), which is based in Thailand and has been approved and registered by the Thai Government, is the first and only one Chinese language media institution that aims to service ASEAN in Southeast Asia.MGTV: Adhere to spread China's image and ca Detail>>