MGTV Discussed Plans with China Southern Airlines to Promote the Development of ASEAN Tourist Market



    On the afternoon of 6th August, MGTV Director Mr. He Jiang led a team to visit the Thailand Office of China Southern Airlines Company Limited and had a meeting with the General Manager Mr. Cen Ling about the strategic cooperation between both sides. MGTV Channel Director Mr. Lv Zhiqiang, the Vice-director of Marketing Center Mr. Zhang Rui and etc. were also attended to the meeting.


Mr. He Jiang (Right) had a friendly exchange with Mr. Cen Ling (Left)


    In the meeting, MGTV Director Mr. He Jiang detailed introduced the MGTV development history and the future five years’ strategic plan to Mr. Cen Ling, especially the MGTV featured tourism product “Private Custom Tourism”. Director He expected both sides to conduct various kinds of cooperation in the field of news reporting, brand promotion, product distribution and etc. As both MGTV and China Southern Airlines Company Limited are the enterprises “come out” from Guangdong, Mr. He hoped both sides will have deep cooperation through “win-win” cooperation mode.


    General Manager Cen Ling appreciated to MGTV development plan. As an enterprise “comes out” from Guangdong, China Southern Airlines always pay attention to the exchanges and cooperation with Guangdong enterprises in Thailand and it is willing to offer resource support for MGTV in friendly relations and cooperation, Mr. Cen Ling said. Besides, Mr. Cen expected both sides to enhance communication as well as discussing and realizing win-win cooperation. At the same time, as the Vice-chairman of Thai Chinese Enterprises Association, Mr. Cen Ling cordially invited MGTV to join the association to enhance the communication with other Thai Chinese enterprises and enterprises in Guangdong.


The General Manager of China Southern Airlines Office in Thailand Mr. Cen Ling (Left)
MGTV Director Mr. He Jiang (Right)


    It is reported that China Southern Airlines Company Limited owns the most demestic transport flights and the densest route network as well as being the largest airline company in passenger traffic. China Southern Airlines operates more than 400 passenger and cargo transport aircrafts, including Boeing 777, 747, 757, 737 and Airbus 330, 321, 320, 319, 300, 380. The fleet size of China Southern Airlines is the six largest in the world. At present, the company takes Guangzhou ang Beijing as the central HUBs, the shipping points are densely distributed at over 150 places in China and more than 40 places in Asia. In addition, the shipping points are linking to over 660 routs in the rout network of Europe, America, Australia and Africa that enable more than 1500 flights travel around the world every day and over200 thousand seats are adopted into the aviation market.

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