MGTV Had Further Exchanges and Cooperation with ASEAN Entertainment Industry



    On the afternoon of 21st August, the group of MGTV program “Thai Gossip” had an exclusive interview with the heroes of Thai TV drama “Lovesick the series”, Mr. White and Mr. Captain. At the same time, the leader of MGTV Marketing Center discussed cooperation matters with Mr. Satit• C, the broker of MPEACOCK MODELS Management Company.


The host of MGTV program “Thai Gossip” Lin Zhenghui (first left)
Thai TV drama “Lovesick the series” heroes Mr. Captain (second left), Mr. White (first right)


    During the talk, the Vice-director of MGTV Marketing Center Mr. Zhang Rui expected both parties to enhance communication and cooperation as well as pushing forward together on the development of Thai entertainment industry through the windows and platform that provided by MGTV. Mr. Zhang Rui believes that MGTV can expand the space for stars’ development that allows them to better taking their advantages. Mr. Satit• C appreciated MGTV for providing publicity opportunities for his artists. In addition, Mr. Satit• C expressed that he will actively respond and recommend artists to attend Chinese TV shows and hopes to have close communication with MGTV and help Thai artists increase the opportunities of communicating with Chinese fans as well as increasing awareness and influence of the artists in China.


MGTV Marketing Center Vice-director Mr. Zhang Rui had deep communication with Mr. Satit• C


    This exchange forebodes that MGTV and ASEAN entertainment industry had become wired. In the time of building a win-win bridge between MGTV and MPEACOCK MODELS Management Company, the communication platform between China and ASEAN countries is more substantial.


MPEACOCK MODELS Management Company broker Mr. Satit• C (first left)
MGTV Marketing Center Vice-director Mr. Zhang Rui (second left)
Thai TV drama “Lovesick the series” heroes Mr. Captain (third left), Mr. White (second right)
The host of MGTV program “Thai Gossip” Lin Zhenghui (first right)

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