Long Ping

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Languages: Chinese, English, Thai
Characters: extroverted and inside collect,gentle and quite but full of affinity
Hosting style: gentle and quite, inside collect, gracefully, bilingual
Work experience: being a hostess of variety programs in MGTV. Used to be a hostess of many large-scale activities held by MGTV. Many of her programs are loved by the audience, especilly the Multinational Spring Festival Gala conducted by the chinese television medium in Asian-Pacific region.

Lin Zhenghui

Height: 170 cm
Weight: Secrecy
Languages: Thai, Chinese
Characters: A happy engine with unlimited optimism
Hosting style: absolute entertainment, absolute gossip, absolute Thai-style enthusiasm, be excellent in making happy bombs.
Work experience: top student of Chinese Language Department, a “China Hand”, has always been an ace reporter in Thai entertament, and is now the host of Thai Gossip.

Li Wenquan

Height: 162 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Languages: Chinese, Cantonese, English, French
Hosting style: calmly and decent as well as jaunty and lively
Work experience: was the champion of the fifteenth mandarin competition among Guangdong, Hongkong and Macaw; the third prize of the southern China Division in the third French speaking contest among Guanddong, Hongkong and Macaw;the MV actress with Mason who is a Hongkong singger and songwriter; the advertising model of the French skin care brand "MC". She has an experience of hosting hundrends of large-scale activities, and used to be the hostess of movie programs, food programs, and music programs. Besides, she has many years experience of being a radio hostess. She was the guest judge of the host competition "Vertical and Horizontal Days Downstream" and was the top 20th of southern China devision in the host contest "Discover New Anchor" held by CCTV. At present she is the hostess of "Brilliant Star Trend" and "Movie Time" in MGTV.

Wen Yuan

Height: 183 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Languages: Chinese, English
Hosting style: has a rich and highly identified voice,can be humorous and funny, also mature and sedate.
Work experience: was awarded A class of Mandarin level one, class A qualification certificate of broadcasting host, top 50th in the singing contest "Happy boy" in Hangzhou in 2010, the best competitors in "The Star of the Youth Chinese Host Contest" held by Shenzhen television station in 2012. He used to be a host in Zhuhai television station and Shenzhen television station. Besides, he used to host over 1000 large-scale evening parties, investment conferences, news release conferences, star meetings, and vocal concerts. At present, he is the host of "Brilliant Star Trend" and "Movie Time".

    • 11-2400:00ASEAN View
    • 11-2400:20Glory Road
    • 11-2400:50Documentary
    • 11-2401:45Classic Theater
    • 11-2402:35Classic Theater
    • 11-2403:25Movie Time
    • 11-2404:20ASEAN View
    • 11-2404:40China Delicacies
    • 11-2405:10Chinese Idioms
    • 11-2405:15On the Way
    • 11-2406:00Documentary
    • 11-2406:55healthy
    • 11-2407:00Morning News
    • 11-2407:30ASEAN View
    • 11-2407:55Chinese Idioms
    • 11-2408:00Thai National Anthem
    • 11-2408:01Glory Road
    • 11-2408:30Short Play
    • 11-2408:55Golden Theater
    • 11-2409:45Chinese Idioms
    • 11-2409:50Golden Theater
    • 11-2410:35Documentary
    • 11-2411:30China Delicacies
    • 11-2412:00ASEAN View
    • 11-2412:25Chinese Idioms
    • 11-2412:30Movie Time
    • 11-2413:25Documentary
    • 11-2414:25Glory Road
    • 11-2414:55On the Way
    • 11-2415:30Short Play
    • 11-2415:55China Delicacies
    • 11-2416:20Classic Theater
    • 11-2417:10Chinese Idioms
    • 11-2417:15Classic Theater
    • 11-2418:00Thai National Anthem
    • 11-2418:01Documentary
    • 11-2418:55Healthy
    • 11-2419:00ASEAN View
    • 11-2419:20Canton Today
    • 11-2419:50Golden Theater
    • 11-2420:40Golden Theater
    • 11-2421:30On the Way
    • 11-2422:15Documentary
    • 11-2423:10Movie Time
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