Secret History of Princess Taiping

During the Tang dynasty, Wu Zetian (then a concubine of Emperor Gaozong) murdered her firstborn daughter (posthumously known as Princess Andingsi) and pushed the blame to Empress Wang. The princess's wet nurse, Zhaoniang, discovers that the baby princess is still alive and smuggles her out of the palace. Zhaoniang and the young princess escape from the capital and ven...

Tracking Knights Phantom

Zhang Danfeng went to Central Plain from the desert for an ancestral treasure map. On the way, Zhang met Yunlei, who disguised herself as a men, and fell in love with each other after they experienced many challenges and moved forward together. However, Zhang Danfeng and Yunlei soon found that there is a blood feud between their families…...

Tea Romance

The story happened in the Qianlong Period of the Qing Dynasty. The gifted scholar Wang Shilang, who was from Fu Jian An Xi, defeated other tea merchants in the Tribute Tea Selection Meeting with the miraculous tea gained from a capable person. Accordingly, he won the chance to pay tribute with the tea to Qianlong Emperor. At the same time, Wang Shilang fell in love ...


What is the impact of the arrival of a baby to the whole family? Why do we need to marry? Why do we need to have babies? In busy city life, everyone pursues the happiness in their hearts and these happiness is always relating with our babies....

Love Is Not For Sale

Xia Duoduo, who can remember the prices of all the store items but was blind to her superiors’ complexion, was an intern of Stars Supermarket. The practice manager Zheng Mo arrived unexpectedly and brought many troubles to Xia Duoduo as he had grandiose aims but puny abilities. In addition, the manager waged a tit-for-tat struggle against to Zheng Mo. Because of th...

Love Amongst War

The drama tells a story happened in the Suzong Period of the Tang Dynasty. A crown prince was on the folk because of the court fight, and changed his surname as Xue, and first name as Pinggui. Xue Pinggui went to Changan when he had grown up. At that time, he met Wang Baochuan, who was the daughter of the Premier Wang Yun. Afterwards, the emperor presented a race f...

Ru Yi

Tan Mingkai hurried to home to inherit the ancestral estate in his father’s final stage. With the return of Tan Mingkai, not only the progressive ideas but also the courage of pursuing equality and love were brought to the local young people. Thereafter, Tan Mingkai fell in love with Ru Yi, who was the daughter of a local tea farmer. For this reason, the weathy gir...

Symphony Of Fate

This drama tells a story about a pair of sisters whose name were An Qi and An na. An Qi and An na wanted to be excellent designer and model since they were children. However, their complex life experiences forced them to drifted apart. What’s worse, they began to hate each other as they fell in love with the same man, Liu Chenxi. After they grew up, An Na trapped ...

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